How Does A Golf Yardage Book Improve Golf Strategy

How to Add A Green Reading Book To Your Pre-Shot Routine

A pre shot routine is one of the easiest ways for golfers to improve their game and get some extra performance on the golf course. With a solid pre shot routine, you can train your brain to react the same way each time and eventually see some impressive consistency in your golf game. However, using the GreenBooks green reading books during your pre shot routine will only help you when it comes to accuracy. Here’s how to do it!

Why Is A Pre Shot Routine Important? 

MA pre shot routine helps your brain and body work together to create your best golf swing possible. With a solid pre shot routine in place, you can trigger some of your best swings to happen and control your thoughts to an acceptable level. Golfers that don’t take the time to establish a pre shot routine often end up with inconsistent golf shots, too many swing thoughts, and even yardages and club selections that are not correct. 

Fairway and Approach Pre Shot Routine

MThe GreenBooks green reading books are a great way to establish a pre shot routine and start to work that into what you do on the golf course. For shots from the tee box or the fairway, the yardage and hazards are the most important facts that your green reading book can help you with. The best way to incorporate this in is at the beginning of your pre shot routine. Take out the green reading book and look at the entire picture of the hole. Take into account any trouble on the hole and determine how far away that trouble is. Then take a look at any slope factors that may come into play and try to pick a landing spot for your shot. Once you have this done, you can then take a practice swing, choose your positive thought, and hit the spot that you chose.

Greenside Pre Shot Routine

Although green reading books offer quite a bit of help from the tee and fairway, they are most effective around the green. The green reading book should be consulted with a greenside shot or a putt as it can help determine slope, speed, and break.

It’s essential that golfers first look at the green and get a general idea of the slope and speed. Once you have your opinion on what the shot will do, check that with your green reading book.

With the GreenBooks green reading books, you can check the severity of the slope and how that will impact your shot. Then take your practice swing, establish a solid swing thought, and execute.  

How long should a pre-shot routine be?

A pre shot routine does not need to be long to be effective. Golfers should have this down to being about 15 seconds long. With the addition of your green reading book, you will not have to make a pre shot routine any longer than it currently is. In fact, some people have found the pre shot routine to be faster by incorporating the green reading book into it. 

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