A Golf Green Book Help High Handicappers

Anthony Lee - Jan 01 2020

A Golf Green Book Help High Handicappers

MProfessionals often use golf yardage books and green books to get a better idea as to the hole they are playing and the challenges this hole presents. A golf green book is not typically thought of as a tool for high handicappers, but that does not need to be the case. High handicappers can absolutely benefit from a golf green book. Let’s look at some ways a green book can help a high handicapper succeed on the golf course. 

Hole Layout

MOne of the first things that all golf green books give is a complete layout of the entire hole. A great yardage book or green book will have the entire picture of the hole in color, showing the fairway, trees, water hazards, and even sand traps. Taking a good look at the hole layout allows you to get a mental picture of how this hole is designed to be played. Most of the time, you can see wide spots in the fairway where you will want to land the ball and rows of bunkers.

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Yardage Tracking and Understanding 

High handicappers are often confused about how far they hit the golf ball. There is a big difference between carry distance and total distance. Higher handicap players that can learn this will have much more accurate shots on the golf course.

A golf green book will help players understand how far they are hitting clubs and how slope and even green shape are impacting a shot.

Layup Positions and Course Management 

Just because a par 5 is long does not mean you should hit a driver and a 3 wood to get close to the green. Hitting the ball close to the green could mean even more trouble. Instead, use the green book to find the best possible area for a layup and pick the club accordingly.

Golf Green Slope

The slope of a golf green is something that takes some time to figure out. Once you can visualize how the golf green slopes and how that slope impacts your approach shots, chips, pitches, and putts, you can play much smarter golf.

A green book is sometimes the higher handicappers' first look into this entire concept in golf, and it makes quite a bit of sense for a player to focus on. 

Once you understand the golf green slope, you will know where to miss the ball, where to hit it and how to use the golf green to help you score even lower. This level of understanding could turn your high handicap into a mid handicap! 

Final Thoughts

Green Books by GolfLogix, offers golfers of any handicap a rules-compliant solution to reading greens and analyzing a golf course. If you have a home course you typically play or are playing a tournament at a new course, the Green Books yardage book can help improve the experience. Make sure to look at both the digital and the hard copy versions and see which is a better match for your golf game. 

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