Discover How GolfLogix Green Books Transforms Your Golfing Experience

Discover How GolfLogix Green Books Transforms Your Golfing Experience


Do you feel like your golf game could use a little extra help this season? Maybe it’s not about extra distance or perfecting that weight shift. Maybe the difference is all in the details. Things like having a few more putts fall, ensuring your approach shots are coming from the fairway, and avoiding hazards throughout your round. All of these differences can be found by using the GolfLogix Green Books to transform your golfing experience.

How Can GolfLogix Green Books Change Your Golf Experience?

MGolfLogix yardage books provide details to help improve your game, from the tee box to the putting green. Here are the key benefits and how they will impact your game.

Better Green Reading With Heat Maps

The GolfLogix heat maps offer a visual representation of the greens and the severity of the slope. The color coding is a great addition to the books, allowing you to understand where to hit your approach shot and how to plan your putts.

  If you have 100 yards into a green, you should be looking at where to hit the ball on the green, not just to get it on the green. There's a big difference between a 30 foot downhill putt for birdie and a 6 foot uphill putt for birdie.

 Heat maps give you a chance to score.

Analyze Chips and Putts With Better Break Reading

The putt breaks feature will help you decide on the exact direction of your putt. So many amateur players question their putting line. This questioning leads to inconsistencies in the putting stroke.

To avoid all of this, read breaks better by incorporating the GolfLogix green books into your pre shot routine when putting and chipping. Most of the reasons why you miss putts is your lack of knowledge, not your ability.

More Accurate Yardage to the Green

The GolfLogix Green Books also feature detailed tee to green measurements for every hole. The book also shows the elevation above sea level and the distances from each tee box.

You’ll be able to see how far you are hitting your driver and then plan accordingly to choose the appropriate landing zones for your shot. The key to accurate yardage also deals with how much green you have to work with.

You’ll see the room you have from front to back and left to right to choose your golf club accordingly.

Course Management with Hole View

Finally, with the hole view showing you 50-yard increments and distances across the hole, you have no excuse to hit your shot in a hazard! Strategic planning throughout a round of golf is one of the most important differences between amateurs and professionals.

With a GolfLogix Green Book in your hand, you can plan your golf round before you even head out to the course. There will be no more questioning which side of the fairway is best or which clubs you need to hit in order to avoid a hazard.

It’s all there for you.

Taking your game just a little more seriously will lead to lower scores.

Who Can Benefit from Using Green Books On The Course?

We all see professionals with yardage books in their back pocket. It sometimes makes amateur players question if they are good enough to benefit from the information in the books.

Regardless of your handicap level, the information offered in the GolfLogix Green Books can help lower your scores and significantly impact your game. Even if you don’t have the accuracy that the professionals do, it can certainly help to avoid things like water hazards and sand traps.

In addition, having more knowledge about how putts break can turn those ugly three putts into one putts.

Final Thoughts

At this point, the benefits are pretty clear. The GolfLogix Green Books can transform your golf game this year without you having to alter your swing. If you don’t want to spend hours on the driving range but could benefit from a few fewer strokes on your scorecard, find a GolfLogix for all your favorite courses. You’ll instantly see why professionals rely so heavily on this information in their golf games. It’s incredibly important to take your game to the next level and take each shot seriously.

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