How Does A Golf Yardage Book Improve Golf Strategy

Can A Greens Guide Be Digital

With a greens guide or yardage book in your hand, golf course management and planning becomes considerably easier. Greens guides allow players to see where to land a golf shot and then how to play that shot once it’s on the green. Many golfers like the idea of this concept but struggle with carrying around a paper book while they are on the course. The good news is that you can get a greens guide on your phone with the Green Books and GolfLogix combination.

Are Greens Guides Digital?

MA greens guide can be entirely digital when using Green Books and GolfLogix. The digital guide is part of the Golf Logix GPS app for your phone or Apple Watch. However, the great thing about this greens guide is that it also has all of the same information about heat maps and approach angles that the print yardage book has. Some golfers find that the digital guide is a better fit for them if they are already using a GPS app while on the course. Here are a few key benefits of the digital greens guide

Benefits of A Digital Greens Guide 

MA digital greens guide can help golfers looking for more information, not just about the distance to a hole but how the golf ball will perform around the golf hole. The digital greens guide has a lot of information for players to benefit from; you just have to know how to use it. 

Clear and Colorful Images

MA greens guide has clean and colorful images of the green that make it really easy to see how a ball will roll. In addition, when you have a digital greens guide, you can easily zoom in and out to get a more clear picture of what you need to see on a green. 

Greens Guide Moves As You Do

The greens guide, as well as the entire digital Green Books product, will move with you as you make your way around the golf course. With the digital version, there is very little involvement from the golfer as far as having to update or manipulate the tool to be in the proper place. 

Approach View 

The approach view of the green can help you see exactly where to land the golf ball on the green. We all know that a putt that is ten feet up a hill as opposed to 30 feet across a ridge is going to be a much easier putt to make. Set yourself up for that with a digital greens guide. 

Pin Position Setting 

The digital Green Books also allows you to set the pin correctly. When trying to visualize and predict how a putt will react, seeing exactly where the pin is that day can be helpful. When you first download the digital greens guide from Green Books, there may be a slight learning curve. Then you should easily be able to see how the slope readings work and how you can use the putt line feature to predict exactly what the golf ball is going to do when you hit it. 

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