How Does A Golf Yardage Book Improve Golf Strategy

Four Ways A Green Reading Book Can Help Your Game

When you watch professionals use a green reading book, you get into the mindset that these books are only for the highly skilled, lowest handicap golfers. However, any player can benefit from a green reading book as long as they understand how to use it and the impact that it can have on their game. We have put together four ways that a green reading book can help your golf game today!

How Can A Green Reading Book Help Your Golf Game

MThere are four significant ways that a green reading book can help your golf game. These include creating more awareness of the course, improving club selection, incorporating a pre-shot routine, and improving golf course management. 

Creating Awareness

MBeing aware of the golf course you are playing is essential. Golfers tend to get very hung up on swing mechanics and forget to pay attention to the golf course setup. A green reading book encourages you to look at the entire hole and be more calculating about the decisions you make.
For golfers that are moving beyond the basics of the game and ready to start scoring lower scores, awareness is essential. 

Improving Club Selection

Although a golf rangefinder or GPS can give us a number to the center of the green or the pin, it doesn’t tell you the entire story. To get a full picture of which club you need, the slope of the green and specific landing areas certainly make it easier to choose the proper club. Knowing these yardages and making smarter choices ultimately lead to easier putts. 

Incorporating a Pre-Shot Routine

Another great thing about green reading books, both digital and print, is that they can be incorporated into your pre shot routine. If you are looking to create some consistency in your game and improve your pre shot methods, the green reading book can help. There is no need to take a long time; simply give yourself the numbers you need, take a practice swing and pull off the shot. 

Improved Golf Course Management 

The best players of the game are those that have the best strategy and course management. These players can improve their scoring not just from hitting great shots but even when they hit poor shots. Improved golf course management takes knowledge, data, and the proper mindset. With a great green reading book like Green Books, you will have all the information necessary to improve your course management. 


Playing with a green reading book takes a bit of time to adjust to. However, when you see the benefits that it will have to your game, there should be no issues with incorporating this into how you play and seeing the improvements it will make to your game. Green Books are available for thousands of golf courses throughout the world, and chances are you can find the one for your course and have it before your next round of golf. 

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