How Does A Golf Yardage Book Improve Golf Strategy

What Information Does Greenbooks Give Golfers

If you are contemplating using Greenbooks for one of your next rounds, it can be helpful to know the type of information that these helpful golf yardage books can provide. Using Greenbooks is like having a caddy help you get through a round without needing a caddy! The information in the Grenbooks is split into three different sections, heat maps, putt breaks, and the hole view. Here is what you can learn from each of these sections. 

Heat Maps

MHeat maps are pictures of the green in front of you outlining the severity and location of the slope on the green. The heat map can be used for both approach shots and putting, but it is more
commonly used to determine the area of the golf green where you would like to place your shot. 
The heat maps are color-coded, so it gives an excellent visual representation of what to expect when your ball hits the green. If you want to make sure you have more straight birdie putts, the heat maps can help.

Putt Breaks

As great as the heat maps are for the approaches and chip shots, they don’t give an exact representation of what your putt is going to do. For putts, it is best to use the putt break information provided in Greenbooks. Remember, the Greenbooks are sold in paper versions or as a digital version, but they will all feature the same information. The putt breaks is a black and white map featuring many arrows. The arrows will tell you where the golf ball is going to break and the severity of that break. When you hold the Greenbooks in your hands, you can look at the hole from where you are standing and get a firm idea of what the golf ball will do on its way to the hole.

Hole View

The hole view is a full picture of the entire hole in front of you. This hole view shows where the bunkers are, yardage information for a dogleg, and even the location and distance of the water hazards. Any golfers that have spent time working on golf course management will fully understand the importance of having a plan for the hole and being able to visualize what you have in front of you. The hole view is a perfect way to choose a club off the tee and pick a line for aiming. When using the Greenbooks, you will start with the hole view and work your way to the hole using the heat maps, and eventually, the putt breaks.


Greenbooks will give you all the information you need to score lower the next time you play golf. Rangefinders and GPS units can give you the distances you need to the green, but the Greenbooks will provide more information for the scoring and playability of the hole. The reason you don’t make more birdies could simply be that you are not putting yourself in the position to make more birdies, and Greenbooks can help. 

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