New Green Books Released

New Green Books Released


GolfLogix is the number one app in golf. However, some golfers still love the ability to hold a yardage book in their hands while playing a round of golf. Whether you are an app golfer or a yardage book golfer, GolfLogix has you covered. Let’s take a look at the new Green Books just released for thousands of courses. With GolfLogix and Green Books on your side, you never have to worry about trusting a yardage or slope again.

What’s New With the Latest Green Books Release?

MThe Green Books 2.0 took feedback from professional and amateur golfers to create the most advanced yardage and green reading books in the game of golf. If you are tired of your drive rolling off the side of the fairway into the rough or struggling to ensure your golf ball stays on the green, a Green Book could be the solution you need.

New Look

MIf you want a clean and improved look, you will find it with Green Books. At a quick glance, you can get the information you need regardless of your location on the course. With visual improvements and clear pictures, any golfer, high or low handicapper, will be able to use the Green Books.

Green Reading and Yardage Books All In One

MWith the new Green Books, you can get green reading and yardage information all on the same page. There is no need to carry around two books or spend more than a few seconds getting the numbers you need.

Fill In The Details That Rangefinders Miss

Rangefinders can give you exact distances to a target. However, they can also make it hard to plan tee shots and calculate slope on approach and tee shots. The new Green Books offers elevation data as well as carry distance and layup distances, all at a quick glance. Shot planning just got much easier.

Green Depth

In the new Green Books, you will get accurate green depth measurements. If you are wondering if it makes sense to miss your short long or short, the green depth can give you that information. When in between clubs for an approach shot, green depth is an invaluable stat.

USGA Compliant

GolfLogix Green Books are compliant with the USGA Rules of golf. You can also combine the use of the GolfLogix app with the Green Books to get an edge on the field and feel like you have all the information you need to make the right on-course decisions.

Who Needs A Golf Green Book?

Golf Green Books are for players who understand and appreciate the importance of correct data on the golf course. When you have accurate yardages, slopes, and depths, the ability to choose the right club and pull off the shots is greatly increased.

  • Low Handicappers: Hit accurate and precise shots with detailed information to help you go low
  • Mid Handicappers: start to take control of golf course management, where to hit tee shots and approach shots, and how to read greens correctly
  • High Handicappers: understand where to layup golf shots, how to avoid hazards, and how proper club selection will help you avoid those big numbers on the scorecard

Get Your New Green Books Now

Green Books are on sale now for a limited time as they are a new release to the market. If you are ready to take your game to the next level, pick up a Green Book for your golf course today. With thousands of golf courses available and new ones being added every day, Green Books can change how you think about the game.

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