How Does A Golf Yardage Book Improve Golf Strategy

Anthony Lee - Jan 01 2020

How Does A Golf Yardage Book Improve Golf Strategy

MThere are lots of different ways to get yardages while on the golf course. However, a golf yardage book goes well beyond simply getting a yardage to a pin; instead, it improves your overall golf strategy. If you want to learn more about how to take advantage of all that a golf yardage book has to offer, we have you covered.

Tee Shot Planning

MWith a great golf yardage book, you can look at the entire hole shape and see everything in front of you. This means that you will be able to plan the best spot to hit your tee shot. With trouble all down the left side, you may want to keep the ball to the right. If there is a dogleg, you can hit your drive accordingly to approach the green from the correct angle.

Layup Decisions

One of the shots that golfers tend to miss hit most often is the layup. With a layup, players sometimes get lazy and slow their swing down or decrease their focus as they are not as worried about pulling off this shot.

This is a mistake, and it can get you into some trouble. With a golf yardage book, you can properly plan your layup decisions on a par 5 or even a par 4.

Choosing the area of the golf course where you want the ball to land and then subtracting your current distance can ensure you never hit a layup in the water or a bunker again. Layup decisions can impact your score quite a bit, and the yardage book can help.

Smarter Approach Shots

Knowing where to land the ball on the green can make it considerably easier to make putts. Leaving yourself a 10 footer uphill as opposed to a 20 footer down a hill certainly makes it more likely that you will make your putt. Using the heat map in the Green Books from Golf Logix, you can ensure that you set yourself up for a lower score on the hole. Green areas show you flat spots on the green with higher percentages for making putts.

Reading Greens 

Another essential part of golf strategy is knowing how to read greens. Even for highly skilled players, it can be tough to determine the slope of a green and how it will impact a putt. With a Green Book in your hand, you won’t ever second guess how the putt in front of you is about to turn. Before you know it, you will be an expert on your local greens. 


A yardage book helps to make golfers so much more aware of their game, and all that needs to be analyzed to play a great round. Although you may not notice any big changes overnight, starting to pay more attention to detail while you are on the course will most certainly decrease the number of strokes you take. Find out which of your favorite golf courses are available from Green Books. 

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