Q: If I receive my order and something is missing or wrong, what should I do?

A: When you receive your order and you have a missing book, a wrong book, or anything doesn't seem right to you. Please contact our Customer Support team and they will work with you on make it right.

Q: When I used the Green Book during my last game I noticed some differances in the book compared to the course? Is the information incorrect?

A: Our data is accuret to the cenimeter. However some of our data might be from before a renovation or a recent change at your course. Please contact Customer Support and we will try to work with getting updated data just for you.

Q: I want to sell Green Books at my Golf Course, do I need a license?

A: No, we have a Golf Course Reseller program that allows golf courses to sell our Green Books. Navigate to the Golf Course login to sign up. You can also email reseller@golflogix.com or call (480) 268-6355 for immediate assistance.

Q: What if my course is not available, when will it be?

A: You can request a course through our support page. PLease let us know the full name of the course and the address. We can't promise the course will be up soon, but we are doing our best to map all the courses we can.

Q: How long until I recieve my Green Book?

A: It takes about 1-2 business days to gather the course data and build the book, and around 1-3 business days for shipping, depending on the opition you choose at checkout.


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