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Anthony Lee - Jan 01 2020

Green Books: The Hottest Holiday Gifts for Golfers are Only $40

MIntroduced in 2020, cutting-edge yardage and green-reading guides are among the most popular new products at courses around the country.

Searching for the perfect gift for the golfer on your list this holiday season?  

MLook no further than Green Books by GolfLogix -- the new, pocket-sized yardage guides that have become the must-have stocking-stuffer of the year.   Green Books give the average golfer the same intel tour players have in their back pocket. Using mapping technology with accuracy down to the centimeter, the rules-compliant Green Books distill sophisticated green-contour data into illustrated maps that are proven to help golfers of all ability levels. At only $40 each, golfers have ordered Green Books for more than 5,500 courses in the United States. Thousands of customers have since returned to order additional courses.   “The gift-giving season is in full swing and Green Books are sweeping the golf world,” GolfLogix President Pete Charleston said. “Many golfers have never seen this level of accurate green data before and will be thrilled to say goodbye to three-putts.”   Every Green Book features three detailed graphics for each hole on the course. A full map of the hole provides descending yardages every 50 yards. The quick-view heat map features easy-to-follow arrows outlining the undulations to know exactly where to hit the ball on the green. The subtle changes in elevation and direction, often undetectable to the naked eye, are highlighted in a close-up third map. A quick glance will give you more confidence in your strategy and lead to better shots and lower scores.    Even golfers who are intimately familiar with their home golf courses are amazed at the precision and advanced detail. Green Books help shave strokes, and have become a rules-compliant, sanctioned advantage in member tournaments. Golfers around the country are ordering additional Green Books to gain a home course advantage on their next golf trip.

“We all know that buying gifts for the golfer in your family can be difficult,” Kellie Stenzel, a GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher and PGA Master Professional said. “Green Books have been a great addition to my students’ ability to manage their own courses as well as others. When they know exactly how the putt will break, the extra confidence almost always results in better strokes and making more putts.”  

Stenzel added: “I have also used Green Books with my son, who plays competitive junior golf, and his ability to manage the course, approach closer and make more putts has dramatically improved.  Green books are the perfect holiday gift -- because, let’s face it, every golfer would love to have lower scores.”  

Designed and priced for the everyday golfer, every golfer can use Green Books to Play Smarter™.

 So leave the mad dash of holiday shopping to the rest of the family and find Green Books for more than 14,000 courses across the country at

Under the Tree or in the Pro Shop 

On the heels of its wildly successful direct-to-consumer launch, Green Books are also being sought out by pro shops. The GolfLogix reseller program for PGA and LPGA professionals is an exceptional way to provide custom-designed Green Books being requested by members and their guests. GolfLogix offers every pro three free Green Books to try along with active members at the course. For wholesale orders, GolfLogix will include a custom-designed cover with the club logo, a plastic water-proof sleeve and a displayPRCG | Haggerty LLC  case that will make an impressive addition to any pro shop. The minimum order is twelve, and GolfLogix can supply these pioneer programs at no upfront cost.

Pros can learn more about the reseller program at or by emailing 


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